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The focus for the September meeting was Boro stitching with the intention of constructing a bag from the stitched cloth in the October meeting.  Boro is an old Japanese technique of mending and repair that uses scraps of cloth and Sashiko stitching or running stitch to extend the life of the fabric or garment.

This bag is made from small pieces of indigo dyed Japanese fabrics.

Jo led the session, demonstrating the construction of the base cloth. The idea was to create a base of fabric pieces or scraps stitched down onto a base cloth using running stitch ( Sashiko)

Base cloth in production.

A finished base cloth, ready to be made into a bag.

Finished bag

Another bag in production.

Some samples of mended and patched fabric, quite small pieces and probably will not be made into a bag.


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In the depths of winter we had a great sharing of techniques for our August meeting. The topic was ‘Formed and Beaded’, which was exactly what Kerrie gave us with her fantastic demo on the making of her ‘muslin beads’.

Beads 2 Beads 3 Beads 4

Gillian shared her colourful handmade beads and we were very impressed by the felt beads made by both Rhonda and Gillian. Next month (September) is ‘felted and shaken’ so enjoy your Kinder surprise in preparation.

Beads 1

Some members brought along stitching to share from previous months. Jill had finished her dissolvable ‘houses’:

Jill 1

Carol had made one of her fabrics into a fantastic ipad case:

ipad cover 1ipad cover 2

and was working on an interesting hand stitched collage of patches:

Carol 1Carol 2Carol 3

Our stitch of the month was flystitch:

Fly stitchJill stitching sampler

And work was continuing on boro/sashiko from ‘woven and stitched’ in June:

Boro:sashiko 1

Anne took notes during the meeting on everyone’s suggestions for beadmaking and these will be emailed out to the GeeTAG list.

Watch out for the email for our September meeting.

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For our June meeting Gillian gave a brief rundown on the history of sashiko and boro stitching and showed us some great samples. She also showed us a very efficient method of weaving the fabric strips using a ruler.

Everybody was quickly at work cutting strips of fabric and weaving using this ingenious method. Most people also got onto stitching to attach and enhance their pieces.

Thank you to Pauline who emailed through a photo of her boro piece in progress with interesting shapes embellished on top.

Pauline's woven boro

Pauline’s woven boro

Next meeting is 11th July and will be ‘Stitched and Dissolved with FME’. Requirements list will go out Monday by email. Don’t forget to email through photos, they can be added at any time.




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