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Our November meeting featured 3 small tutorials on surface decoration techniques to add texture to fabric artworks: shiva rubbings, moulding paste and paperclay. Much information was shared about how the different types of paper clay perform and their subsequent uses, some like Rosalie’s dry into a hardened form and others like Gillian’s remain flexible and can be sewn onto and into:

Paper clay


We experimented with rubbings and investigated the various ways of applying moulding paste:

Texture rubbings

Shiva rubbings


Gold texture rubbing

We had some finished postcards on Halloween and perspective:

and some continued ‘slow stitch’:


and a lovely little weaving:


Don’t forget to reply to Kerrie for our December xmas gathering, check your email for the details.


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In 2013, our in between months have been a bring and stitch, but also a great opportunity to share and discuss our current projects. Some members were stitching on their ‘coloured’ cloths from the October techniques meeting, others were continuing ongoing projects.












Don’t forget our December meeting will be lunch, RSVP to Pauleen to book your seat for this popular round up to 2013.

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Many of our members have taken advantage of the summer break to create.

Pauleen’s recycled xmas card book:

card book 2 card book

Pauline McK printings and Shiva rubbing over rust dyed fabric:




Pauleen’s stitching with a variety of rust dyed fabrics:

rust Pauleen Pauline McK also did some very effective rubbings using gold Shiva over stamps on the rusty fabric. I will post a photo when I get them.

Don’t forget next meeting on February 9th: we will be discussing and outlining a suggested program for the year, for our Bi-annual exhibition in October and for our Johnston Collection pieces in 2014.

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This post is all about June’s meeting of the group. As I was not there I will have to rely on others for the input, but I’m sure it was a fun session. Pauleen described the action:

We had a very busy 2-3 hours on Saturday afternoon with 9 of us braving the cold. We were very cosy as the group before us had left the room warm. We started with rubbings, shiva paint sticks with pieces of silk over wood blocks and rubber stamps and other textured surfaces.  Some beautiful patterns were achieved. We decided to finish early so not many started the machine grid on the dissolvable fabric, but were going home to continue.

The brief was to experiment with rubbings using the Shiva oilsticks:

Pauleen's shiva

shiva rubbings:eThese rubbings incorporated a variety of mediums including wooden printing blocks, crochet doilies, plastic doilies, rubbing plates and other stamps.

shiva rubbings 2:eI also experimented (in another time and space) and added a little foiling. The silver foil actually came from an unfortunate New Year’s Eve when oldest daughter ended up in an ambulance and they gave her the foil wrap around to warm her up.




Here now are some of the experiments using solvy and FME ing a grid to display the techniques.


using solvy:e

solvy leaves

See the next entry for what we got up to in July!!!

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