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The 5th Saturday messy day at the Shearer’s Arms studio was a fantastic play day with Lyn Dixon exploring endless possible variations on her paper altering techniques. Lyn displayed a wonderful array of papers and a variety of books and 3D elements constructed with her beautiful papers.

Lyn Dixon paper based books and art

And everyone enjoyed the many different techniques and experimentation that eventuated:



Texture and colour

Thank you Lyn and fellow experimenters for a great day.

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Our April meeting was led by Pauline and was based on the ‘Encrusting Calico’ article in the Stitch magazine. The process involves trapping objects between two pieces of fabric and embellishing with stitch.

Here are some in process photos:

calico 1 calico 2

calico 3

calico 5

calico 6Shirley chose to use some of her ‘rusted’ fabric from a previous technique:


calico 4


Some previously worked items can be seen here.

Our next meeting is May 10th and will be time for further stitching and looking at how we can use this technique on other fabrics and as book pages.

Don’t forget to email through any photos of finished items for inclusion on the blog.


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Many of our members have taken advantage of the summer break to create.

Pauleen’s recycled xmas card book:

card book 2 card book

Pauline McK printings and Shiva rubbing over rust dyed fabric:




Pauleen’s stitching with a variety of rust dyed fabrics:

rust Pauleen Pauline McK also did some very effective rubbings using gold Shiva over stamps on the rusty fabric. I will post a photo when I get them.

Don’t forget next meeting on February 9th: we will be discussing and outlining a suggested program for the year, for our Bi-annual exhibition in October and for our Johnston Collection pieces in 2014.

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Our November meeting was all about rusting.

For the session I created lots of samples using the various techniques you can use to get a rusty effect on fabric and paper. The techniques came from various websites and also books by Sarah Lawrence, Lynda Monk and Maggie Grey. I will detail each of the samples on my Carlseapatch blog shortly so you can refresh your memory for each one.

Here are some results on the day:

First me doing the demo:



Laying on the rust:


Each month this year we have had a technique demo and have then produced a piece of artwork incorporating the theme and stitches. Our theme for November is Outback and the stitches are French & Colonial Knots and Couching.

Here are some members starting the process of putting it all together:


One of the rusting techniques was Rusty Dyeing as outlined on the blog here. Shirley had some great results using a folding technique. This was a great one for instant gratification!

It will be once again interesting to see how each person uses their rusty materials and interprets the theme.


Our last meeting for the year is December 8th. All members will receive an email with the activity for December. Don’t forget to email through any photos of your artwork or bring them along in December for a photo session.

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