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Our November meeting saw a treasure trove of handmade books revealed. Thank you to Kerrie for her knowledgeable chat on the art of bookmaking. A few of the books and covers displayed:

Bookbinding 2

Needleweaving on the coptic binding

Needleweaving on the coptic binding



Detail of Pauleen's bookcover

Detail of Pauleen’s bookcover


We are all now working on finishing our technique samplers from each month to put into our individual Book of 2014. Remember to leave the cover until after our December meeting, Kerrie will have a surprise package for all to incorporate.

Our pages will include beautiful creative canvaswork:

Canvaswork 1

Canvaswork 2

Canvaswork 3 Canvaswork 4

Canvaswork 5

Canvaswork 6

Canvaswork 7Pin needleweaving will make an appearance:

Needleweaving 1

Needleweaving 2

Needleweaving 3

And lots of embellishment and encrustation of stitch:

Embellished 1

Embellished with stitch 1

Encrusted 1

Encrusted 2

What an amazingly talented bunch you all are!!


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Our July meeting was devoted to adding embellishment and stitch to the pieced crazy patches from our June get together. The crazy patches are amazingly diverse in colour and composition.

Here are some progress pictures, hopefully our August meeting will reveal some finished pieces of art.

There was also some wonderful ‘show and tell’ from past workshops:

Marion’s completed ‘Effie Mitrofanis’ piece

Jill’s pieces combined in a different format:

And Kerrie has been working on a magnificent Traveller’s blanket from her workshop with Dijanne Cevaal:

Our August meeting will be led by Gillian and is entitled Textile Mosaics. An email will be sent with further details.

Happy Stitching!!

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Our members gathered together for the May workshop and had extra inspiration on hand for making beads from various materials. We were lucky enough to score a visit from ATSADA’s Marrakesh travelling ornate suitcase exhibition “Cara”. The pieces were beautifully presented and covered a myriad of techniques and materials, a fantastic incentive for our bead making workshop.

Beads were rolled onto satay sticks and straws and incorporated fabric, tyvek, lutrador and papers. They were wrapped with threads, wires and had beads and other embellishments added. The resultant beads were long and thin, fat and fluffy, glitzy and gregarious, classic and classy.

Here are some photos taken on the day:

Coming up at the National Wool Museum from June 16 is the 2012 Scarf Festival. I know of at least one member who has entered a scarf, let me know if there are more.

Our next get together will be June 9th, requirements will be sent out shortly.

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Many of our members have just spent the last two days enveloped in a riotous kaleidoscope of colour and stitch with Effie Mitrofanis. Our workshop was based on Effie’s latest book Threadwork which was inspired by a trip to India, hence the vibrant colours used.

Here is a feast for the eyes:

Stunning work girls. Thank you Kerrie for the delicious home cooked morning tea!!

Thank you Effie for being so generous in sharing your expertise. Thank you also to Gillian for organising such a great workshop for us all.

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Lino Printing

Kerrie led us in lino cutting and printing over two monthly meetings in May/June. In April we cut our lino prints and in May we used the lino to print on fabric.  Kerrie had sourced some lovely lino for us that was a dream to cut and I absolutely loved this technique.

These are the lino cuts I made (they are back and front on one piece of lino):

And the prints they made:

I used one of my prints, embellished with stitch and beads as an ATC for a swap with Anne from France:

Each person was then given a copy of Pauline’s lino print on cotton to embellish as a challenge.

Next month’s meeting will be spent working on embellishing these blocks. It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with on their block. Don’t forget to bring all the threads and beads you wish to use. See you all on August 13th.

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Our ‘Show and Tell’ for September was boosted by the return of members who had tripped off north for the winter.

Pauleen has been very busy, while off sunning herself, creating beautiful books and bags:

One of the books:

The beautiful bag, front:

and back:

Jill was not idle and finished off her creative beading sample from Lisa Walton’s workshop:

Jill is also currently working on a book incorportaing some fantastic colour combinations like this:

Evelyn took our lutrador experimenting to new levels with this amazing piece:

What an amazingly talented bunch we are!!!

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