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Time to begin catching up with the creativeness of our GeeTAG group.

I have a few photos of a recent meeting of the group where Shirley demonstrated how she made her lovely painted, stitched and textured pieces with Angie Hughes at last year’s Geelong textiles forum. Shirley brought along her wonderful pressurised spray bottles and we all had great fun spray painting our pieces of white cotton velvet. Then we removed some paint, then we stamped some more paint and added foil. Then we covered in sheer, stitched and distressed/cut away. All of this took two sessions over two months. Below are some progress shots:

These are both Pauline’s’s I believe. I have taken photos of my two but haven’t worked out how to get the photos off my new Nikon SLR and into the computer!!! I’m sure there should be a lead somewhere but will have to wait for 16 year old son to come home and show me!!!

Our next get together will be the Geelong Branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild exhibition next weekend where I should be able to take lots of photos of the groups work, nothing like a deadline to get you motivated!

Another post is following shortly showing the fun some of our members had at the recent TAFTA Geelong Forum and also a great workshop with Alice Clague on Tyvek.


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A medley of fabrics came in for the bleach treatment at our May meeting of the creative textilers. We experimented with a variety of cotton and synthetic fabrics, some of which showed a great colour reaction to the the bleach. Some of the fabrics resulted in a very subtle embossed pattern where the bleach removed the nap of the fabric without changing the colour.

eBleach prints by Gillian on well washed velour

eAnd on cotton velvet

pauleen 1Pauleen’s samples; with FME

Pauleen 2Pauleen 3Motifs using various stamps

Claudia and I experimented stamping our names

eAnd I tried a rubber stamp on a leather scrap



ePauline’s beautifully finished sampler.

Some recommendations:

If possible wash sizing out of fabric before bleaching

Fresh bleach is more effective

A thicker, more gel like bleach, may give stronger impressions

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