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photo (13)

The piece above was created by using a gel medium or UTEE with embossing powder and a rubber stamp to emboss into the surface.

As Pauline explained, there are several different methods of creating an embossed surface and that we all should ‘have a play around” to see the possibilities. She recommended this book as a starting point. It is in our library.

photo (10)

Pauline McKenzie led the group through the process of  using embossing powders, rubbers stamps and a medium or paste to enable the powders to adhere to the fabric.

photo (19)

Gel medium applied to fabric, then embossing powder sprinkled over the top.

photo (20)

Heat applied to the surface

photo (18)

Lumiere paint brushed over the stamp to create a contrast colour in the embossing.

photo (17)

Stamp pressed into the heated surface

photo (16)


The finished piece, not quite dry, note the copper colured embossing powder with the contrasting gold lumiere paint.

photo (14)

This is created by using a rubber stamp with medium brushed over the stamp, pressing it onto the fabric and then sprinkling the stamped image with embossing powder. The piec is then heated with the stamper heat gun and the embossing powder bubbles or puffs up to create the embossed surface.



photo (12) photo (6)


Pauline had many other samples for us to look at, and impressively had them all in a notebook with notes and  explanations of the techniques used.

This book that Jill Owen made caught my eye.

photo (5) photo (4) photo (3)

Jenny Bakos is still working on her small stitch library of cards and had finished a machine embroidered cover for notebook, destined for our stall at the exhibition in October. photo (9) photo (8)






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Our technique for the August meeting was stitching on paper with Kerrie presenting a multitude of options for creating the substrate. These included collaging paper to paper or fabric with glue stick, iron on fusible or just machine and/or hand stitch. There were even pockets, printing and zips and Kerrie’s favourite motif!

Stitching on Paper 1

Stitching on Paper 3

Stitching on Paper 2There are also some photos on Kerrie’s blog here.

I have done some FME doodling and a little seed stitching on my collaged paper but hope to add some more stitching before it goes into my 2014 GeeTAG book. My base fabric was felt but any fabric or paper/cardboard could be used.

Paper stitch collagePauline had finished her really impressive soldering iron page from last month’s meeting:

burn 1

Our next two meetings are: September-Needleweaving led by Pauline and Gillian and October-Canvaswork led by Jenny and ?

As I will be overseas for the next two monthly get togethers, Kerrie will be updating the blog, so email through photos of any finished pieces to Kerrie or bring to the next meeting.


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July was a great meeting for demonstrating techniques and learning from each other. The soldering iron technique on synthetic materials is one that several of our members have experimented with so there were many ‘hot’ samples and ideas being shared around.

Demo of the process of cutting with the heat tool (using safety equipment)

Demo solder

We began with painted fusible on synthetic felt:

painted bondaweb

Ironed on additional synthetic fabrics

Ironed on additional synthetic fabrics


Then began the fun of cutting out shapes

Then began the fun of cutting out shapes



solder 13

solder 12

And with templates


And repositioning them or adding details using the soldering iron to re-attach:




solder 11


And a sampler of mark making

And a sampler of mark making

We also had a few of last month’s stitching being worked further:

stitch 2

stitch 1

stitch 3

stitch 4

Fantastic array of work ladies!

Next meeting will be August 9th-stitching on paper. Watch out for an email with further details.


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Saturday was our June meeting and textile artist extraordinaire, Shirley, shared a technique with us to make permanent 3D shapes in polyester fabric. It will be interesting to see what our inventive group does with these amazing amoeba like formations!!

scarf 6

scarf 5

scarf 4

with marbles

scarf 2

After removing marblesscarf 3

scarf 1

Some of our members brought pieces to show.

machine embroidery:


FME lace on net:
machine lace on net

Lovely little handmade books


An interesting mixed media ‘nest’


And our project for August:

Thankyou for sharing your amazing pieces.

July will be a catch up month so bring anything you are working on. Don’t forget to bring your finished items to show and photograph for our blog.

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Our Guild was very lucky to have Kim Thittichai squeeze  us  into her schedule  for a fun-filled two days, when visiting Australia recently.

Many members of the GeeTAG group signed up for the workshop and we were not disappointed.

Kim was a very professional and generous tutor and it was sensational to get to try out her HOT Techniques. I have a folder full of samples from the techniques she demonstrated.

Kim has given a great round up of her trip to Geelong here and here.


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