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Our first meeting for the year saw 23 of our 30 members join us to begin our first piece of postcard art. The suggested project for this year is to try out some interesting techniques on a postcard sized piece of art. These will be kept together in a box which many of our members have finished after receiving a bonbon of goodies at our end of 2015 xmas gathering.

Some boxes, finished and in progress:

Texture and maps

Texture and maps


Beautiful boxes

Beautiful boxes


Pauline brought along a box and postcard to show made from gummy silk, embedded synthetic lace, lumiere paints and tyvek:

Silky Box

Silky Box


We also had some great results on display from last years shibori experiments:



Hopefully we will have some postcards to show at our March meeting based on the theme wings and using the techniques of layering, collage and/or distressing. Perhaps give the technique with the incense sticks a go?

Our March meeting will feature two mini tutorials: Water soluble paper and foiling,  an email will go out about two weeks prior with info.

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Many meandering books made their appearance at the March meeting, and each one was beautifully different.

Meandering books

Gillian brought along a couple more variations of the meandering book including a triangular shaped one:

Gillian's meandering further

Our 2014 projects for GeeTAG will culminate in a book of samples. Today we looked at making silk and felt pages for our books.

We firstly meandered on to a demo of silk paper making with a quick show and explanation of the different types of silk fibres and products.

Silk Paper with textile medium

Next Bronwyn showed some wonderful samples of her felting followed by a quick demo of the felting process.

Recently Updated19

We were intrigued with the method for felting the beads into the page and nice beret modelling Beryl!

Felting 6

This cool suction tool was for wetting down the fibres:

Recently Updated20

Kerrie was a magnificent model also and demo-ed needle felting as another possible technique for making pages:

Recently Updated17

Jill brought some wonderful show and tell:

Recently Updated13

Hope you all have fun trying out some of these techniques and stitching on your pages.

Next month Pauleen and Pauline will be leading us in encrusting calico, look for the email with materials needed. Pauleen’s encrusted rock can be seen below.

Encrusted calico

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Silk Paper Plus

On Saturday the group had great fun experimenting with various techniques using silk fibres to make silk paper.

It will be interesting to see how these eventually appear after some stitching and incorporating or using as art pieces on the theme: Water.

For our May get together we have been fortunate in obtaining a booking for ‘Cara’ one of the ATASDA Travelling suitcases. It will be fantastic to see such a great range of textile art up close.

Our technique for May is textile beads, watch out for the email on supplies to collect.

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More Silk Paper

Just a quick post to show the two beautiful pieces Jill finished using the silk paper we made at our meeting in June.

Jill was inspired by the Book I had bought, Sarah Lawrence’s Silk Paper for Textile Artists

Any one else with photos feel free to email.

Many of our members are looking forward to a fun workshop on Monday with Lisa Walton entitled Creative Beading. Must remember the camera.


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For our June meeting today we messed around with silk paper. Some members of our group had never tried any form of silk paper and some had tried the wet and iron methods so it was a matter of inspiring everyone to push it a little further. During the week I had used silk cocoon strippings and the iron method to make a few samples and posted them on my blog for the group to check out. After a little slideshow of 3D pieces made of silk paper, Claudia and I demo-ed making a piece of silk paper a-la-the kitty litter tray method and then inserted the wet silk paper into a gladwrapped bowl to form a 3D shape. I also cut and tore the paper a little so that I could use some insertion stitches to hold the spaces together.

The silk paper layers are very fine so this may need a little spray starch to keep its shape.

Claudia had fun also making a couple of small bowls:

Jenny and her visiting niece Annie made silk paper sheets:

Pauleen brought her silk paper already made and did some FMEing:

For Evelyn, it was her first try at silk paper and she produced some beautiful pieces:

Gillian went for midnight blue:

The finished piece of silk paper which Gillian plans to stitch over. Watch her blog for the final result.

Shirley in action:

And her result:

I didn’t have photos of Jill, Pauline and Jacqui’s results so please send them through girls and I will post them.

We have a couple of members going north for a couple of months (lucky them) but we will soldier on through the biting winter cold. Next month we will be playing with Lutradur, ably guided by Jill and Shirley.

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