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Our November meeting featured 3 small tutorials on surface decoration techniques to add texture to fabric artworks: shiva rubbings, moulding paste and paperclay. Much information was shared about how the different types of paper clay perform and their subsequent uses, some like Rosalie’s dry into a hardened form and others like Gillian’s remain flexible and can be sewn onto and into:

Paper clay


We experimented with rubbings and investigated the various ways of applying moulding paste:

Texture rubbings

Shiva rubbings


Gold texture rubbing

We had some finished postcards on Halloween and perspective:

and some continued ‘slow stitch’:


and a lovely little weaving:


Don’t forget to reply to Kerrie for our December xmas gathering, check your email for the details.


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WSP and Paperclay

For July we again brought along equipment for for making impressions, this time in paper clay and water soluble paper (WSP). Six ladies braved the winter weather (many have gone north to warmer climes) and enthusiastically experimented with the two mediums.

Carmel had a lovely book cover she had made some time ago with the WSP pressed on to the lid of a wooden carved box. (I didn’t get a photo, I’ll post it next time). I can remember these boxes being very much the the rage when I was a teenager, I’ll have to ask Mum if mine is at home somewhere!! I’ll also be keeping a lookout in the Op Shops for some.

Firstly these are some WSP (on the right): from a meat tray, rubber stamp and rubbing plate.

On the left are paperclay: a rubber stamp which still had ink on it, a rubbing plate and the lid of the wooden box.

workshop 4:5:eand here are some lovely ones by Pauline done previously and painted:

papercrafts 001:eThe August meeting (Saturday 8th at 12.30pm) is entitled ‘Embedding and Sandwiching’ and will definitely not be edible.

Jenny will email the details shortly.

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