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We had a full house for Kerrie’s great tutorial on mounting paper and fabric collages onto canvas (with thanks also to Sue Dove for allowing Kerrie to share this technique with our group). Some of Sue’s inspirational collages are shown below with the one’s Kerrie created at her workshop.

Canvas x 4

demo 1

Demo 2

Hopefully we will see lots of finished items back next month at the August meeting to go onto the gift stall at our upcoming exhibition in September.

Several members attended a fantastic book making session with Lyn Dixon recently, making some very clever books from the miniature to the larger. Some of Rosalie’s books:

Lyn Dixon workshop

Finally we critiqued our ‘Golden scrolls’ which are in progress. They will make a very striking exhibit when finished and hung-well done Jenny on all your hard work and leadership for these-no pictures; they are under wraps until the exhibition!

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The 5th Saturday messy day at the Shearer’s Arms studio was a fantastic play day with Lyn Dixon exploring endless possible variations on her paper altering techniques. Lyn displayed a wonderful array of papers and a variety of books and 3D elements constructed with her beautiful papers.

Lyn Dixon paper based books and art

And everyone enjoyed the many different techniques and experimentation that eventuated:



Texture and colour

Thank you Lyn and fellow experimenters for a great day.

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Our November meeting featured 3 small tutorials on surface decoration techniques to add texture to fabric artworks: shiva rubbings, moulding paste and paperclay. Much information was shared about how the different types of paper clay perform and their subsequent uses, some like Rosalie’s dry into a hardened form and others like Gillian’s remain flexible and can be sewn onto and into:

Paper clay


We experimented with rubbings and investigated the various ways of applying moulding paste:

Texture rubbings

Shiva rubbings


Gold texture rubbing

We had some finished postcards on Halloween and perspective:

and some continued ‘slow stitch’:


and a lovely little weaving:


Don’t forget to reply to Kerrie for our December xmas gathering, check your email for the details.


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photo (13)

The piece above was created by using a gel medium or UTEE with embossing powder and a rubber stamp to emboss into the surface.

As Pauline explained, there are several different methods of creating an embossed surface and that we all should ‘have a play around” to see the possibilities. She recommended this book as a starting point. It is in our library.

photo (10)

Pauline McKenzie led the group through the process of  using embossing powders, rubbers stamps and a medium or paste to enable the powders to adhere to the fabric.

photo (19)

Gel medium applied to fabric, then embossing powder sprinkled over the top.

photo (20)

Heat applied to the surface

photo (18)

Lumiere paint brushed over the stamp to create a contrast colour in the embossing.

photo (17)

Stamp pressed into the heated surface

photo (16)


The finished piece, not quite dry, note the copper colured embossing powder with the contrasting gold lumiere paint.

photo (14)

This is created by using a rubber stamp with medium brushed over the stamp, pressing it onto the fabric and then sprinkling the stamped image with embossing powder. The piec is then heated with the stamper heat gun and the embossing powder bubbles or puffs up to create the embossed surface.



photo (12) photo (6)


Pauline had many other samples for us to look at, and impressively had them all in a notebook with notes and  explanations of the techniques used.

This book that Jill Owen made caught my eye.

photo (5) photo (4) photo (3)

Jenny Bakos is still working on her small stitch library of cards and had finished a machine embroidered cover for notebook, destined for our stall at the exhibition in October. photo (9) photo (8)






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Thank you to Pauline for leading us in a fun, arty technique today for our March meeting, one which everybody seemed to enjoy greatly.

It involved stitching, followed by glueing and then painting, with more stitching to come at home when out creations are dry.

These little masterpieces can be used as panels, bookcovers, decorations etc and I know I, for one, will be making a couple more after today’s fun. The lumiere paint was particularly effective and a little bit of gold rubbed onto prominent areas added a little extra special glitz.

Stitched, glued

Stitched, glued




Our stitch of the month was ably demonstrated by Pauleen:

Ladder stitch

Ladder stitch

And a few stitch samplers were on show:

Stitch samplers

Info for the April meeting will be going out shortly by email, as well as some reminders of special projects in which you might like to become involved.


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Saturday was our June meeting and textile artist extraordinaire, Shirley, shared a technique with us to make permanent 3D shapes in polyester fabric. It will be interesting to see what our inventive group does with these amazing amoeba like formations!!

scarf 6

scarf 5

scarf 4

with marbles

scarf 2

After removing marblesscarf 3

scarf 1

Some of our members brought pieces to show.

machine embroidery:


FME lace on net:
machine lace on net

Lovely little handmade books


An interesting mixed media ‘nest’


And our project for August:

Thankyou for sharing your amazing pieces.

July will be a catch up month so bring anything you are working on. Don’t forget to bring your finished items to show and photograph for our blog.

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February-Swing Tags

February’s workshop was very ably led by Carmel who took us through the different techniques she applies to make ‘swing tags’. These tags can be used as gift cards, as additions to bags, journal/book covers, 3D sculptures, anywhere you want to add them.

This picture shows the back of Pauline’s finished journal containing all of samples of last year’s techniques, you can just see the swing tag attached to the spine.

The first step is to gesso the tags, which could be purchased or saved from various clothing, luggage, manchester or simply cut out of cardboard. For mine I saved all the tags from purchases and gifts received over the xmas holiday period.

The first technique was to add texture paste and use various implements of stamps to make a raised impression. After drying with a hairdryer they were painted with a variety of paints and inks. Texture could also be made through embedding materials in the texture paste, such as scrim, lace, beads etc. The first two pictures show Gillian’s very professionally photographed tags. She has an excellent round up of the techniques she used on her blog.

The next two are Pauleen’s beautifully textured and coloured tags:

Pauleen applied the texture paste technique to the top of a box:

It was just the texture paste and a bread and butter knife patted on top to make peaks, like icing a cake.
Then painted with blue, flooded with purple  and  rubbed with treasure gold.

The second technique was adding coloured inks and sprinkling with salt.

Here are some of my efforts:

Next month faux leather.

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We have just had another experimentation day with our Creative textile group and I managed to remember the camera, so this post will be a catch up for September as well.

Our September meeting was experimenting with stamping on pellon. Here are some gorgeous rich samples:

pauleen's blocks1b

pauleen's blocks2

We also tried out some foiling on panne velvet:

foiling 1 In our October workshop we all managed some fantastic results using felt or panne and cotton velvet, gesso, UTEE, embossing powders and stamps. This technique was very popular and I can see these motifs finding their way onto book covers, bags and other pieces of art.

stamping 2stamping 4
stamping 3


stamping 6stamping 5






embossed stampOur second technique this month was fusing chiffon onto stitched watercolour paper and stencilling xpandaprint.

These are samples before painting and gilding (I just love this effect!)

stencil swirl


And after adding some colour:

stamping gillian

These projects were all guided by Beryl Taylor’s great techniques book ‘Mixed Media Explorations’

And finally some wonderful cutwork applique that was brought for show and tell:


cut work forest

Just a reminder that the Golden Plains Art Trail is on the weekend of 24th/25th October. If you go to the link you can download the program. There is a group of fantastic textile artists displaying on the Saturday in Bannockburn. I will be going in the afternoon, so email me if you want to meet for a coffee.

Our November meeting will be playing with Tyvek and stitching metal. You should have the requirements as they were emailed last month. (Just email if you need another copy)





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