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Many textile artists and embroiderers have fabrics in their stash that no longer inspire them to create. Sometimes it is easy to alter them and give them a new life. The simplest is to look at the back of the fabric, the reverse can often provide a subtle and textured background or perhaps a sky. Overdyeing can also be effective. This month in our meeting we looked at using paint, inks and traditional paper craft mediums for work that will not be washed.

First up was a discussion about various mediums and techniques with lots of samples to refer to and then a few demonstrations.

Then it was time for everyone to try out the techniques that interested them.

Over stamping using acrylic paint mixed with textile medium


Mono printing

Painting or sponging 

Carol took a considered approach

And then tried everything or so it seemed

And for something completely different

Constructed fabric from Jenny using her needle felting machine

Detail of Laurene’s white work, lace cut outs attached to background fabric. The piece is quite long and perhaps a scroll.

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Our first meeting for the year saw 23 of our 30 members join us to begin our first piece of postcard art. The suggested project for this year is to try out some interesting techniques on a postcard sized piece of art. These will be kept together in a box which many of our members have finished after receiving a bonbon of goodies at our end of 2015 xmas gathering.

Some boxes, finished and in progress:

Texture and maps

Texture and maps


Beautiful boxes

Beautiful boxes


Pauline brought along a box and postcard to show made from gummy silk, embedded synthetic lace, lumiere paints and tyvek:

Silky Box

Silky Box


We also had some great results on display from last years shibori experiments:



Hopefully we will have some postcards to show at our March meeting based on the theme wings and using the techniques of layering, collage and/or distressing. Perhaps give the technique with the incense sticks a go?

Our March meeting will feature two mini tutorials: Water soluble paper and foiling,  an email will go out about two weeks prior with info.

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Thank you to Pauline for leading us in a fun, arty technique today for our March meeting, one which everybody seemed to enjoy greatly.

It involved stitching, followed by glueing and then painting, with more stitching to come at home when out creations are dry.

These little masterpieces can be used as panels, bookcovers, decorations etc and I know I, for one, will be making a couple more after today’s fun. The lumiere paint was particularly effective and a little bit of gold rubbed onto prominent areas added a little extra special glitz.

Stitched, glued

Stitched, glued




Our stitch of the month was ably demonstrated by Pauleen:

Ladder stitch

Ladder stitch

And a few stitch samplers were on show:

Stitch samplers

Info for the April meeting will be going out shortly by email, as well as some reminders of special projects in which you might like to become involved.


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Time to begin catching up with the creativeness of our GeeTAG group.

I have a few photos of a recent meeting of the group where Shirley demonstrated how she made her lovely painted, stitched and textured pieces with Angie Hughes at last year’s Geelong textiles forum. Shirley brought along her wonderful pressurised spray bottles and we all had great fun spray painting our pieces of white cotton velvet. Then we removed some paint, then we stamped some more paint and added foil. Then we covered in sheer, stitched and distressed/cut away. All of this took two sessions over two months. Below are some progress shots:

These are both Pauline’s’s I believe. I have taken photos of my two but haven’t worked out how to get the photos off my new Nikon SLR and into the computer!!! I’m sure there should be a lead somewhere but will have to wait for 16 year old son to come home and show me!!!

Our next get together will be the Geelong Branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild exhibition next weekend where I should be able to take lots of photos of the groups work, nothing like a deadline to get you motivated!

Another post is following shortly showing the fun some of our members had at the recent TAFTA Geelong Forum and also a great workshop with Alice Clague on Tyvek.

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Here are a few more photos from our Transfer Paints and Lutradur meeting.

Jacqui adding a few splotches:

Drying the paint with a hair dryer:

Free machining around the motifs:

And some of Jill’s beautiful samples:

Thankyou Jill and Shirley for this inspiring workshop.

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After taking a hissy fit and refusing to load any more pictures, here is the post with the last two. You may have noticed I have loaded the posts in the wrong order. The March round up should have come before the ‘Concluding 2009’ post; such is life!

This first one reminded of beautiful Chinese prints:

And the final one is mine, adhered to an old damask tablecloth dyed purple. I think I will do some stitching and embellishment on mine and turn it into a journal cover.

Next month will be April 10th and we will be making ‘Wild Women’ under the capable tutelage of Gillian. If you have not let Gillian know you are coming you may have to provide your own metal limbs!!

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The leather ‘queen’ Pauline led us this month in creating faux leather from brown paper!!

Here are some of the results:

Gold stamped motifs

Jill’s lovely aged motif

Gorgeous colour blending

Evelyn showing off her fingernails!

Fantastic prints from a fern frond

Lovely subtle colours

It doesn’t want to load any more photos!!! I will put the last two on another post!!

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