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The latest get together of our group was held on Easter Saturday and so numbers were reduced.

Those who did attend however, achieved much, in planning the schedule for the rest of the year. Here is a report from Pauleen outlining plans for the next meeting:


At our Saturday gathering we agreed to start a project.
A textile art book. This will be gradually built up and when we have enough pages we will bind them into a book.
Each page will be a different project – the idea – to learn new tecniques.
The first one  (May 9th) will be – a stamp tecnique – bleaching velvet.
If you wish to participate please bring the following:
1. For stamps “found objects” eg. corks, foam spnges. cotton reels etc.
2. Thick rubber gloves.
3. Plastic apron or covering for clothes.
Fabric and bleach will be supplied at a nominal cost.
Please e-mail me IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING in this activity so we have sufficient supplies.
If you are unsure about the activity please e-mail me.  
 ATC’s will be ongoing and can be swapped at any meeting. A few of us swapped on Saturday.
Here are a couple of the ATC’s that were swapped on Saturday. 
atc-swaps-easter-09The one on the left was made by Gillian and the butterflies by Pauline. They are both fantastic.
I can’t wait to swap at the next meeting.
I couldn’t get there Easter Saturday as I was busy elsewhere! Here is a picture of the camp site by the river in beautiful Gellibrand where our families all had a wonderful relaxing weekend, even those who fell in and had to dry socks and boots on the fire!!
For those who are interested, I visited a fascinating exhibition at the Geelong Art Gallery today. Called ‘The garden of Forking Paths” it was a collection of sculpted books by artist Nicholas Jones. I have blogged about it on my Carlseapatch blog. It finishes on Sunday so you will need to get in quick. Here is a picture of one of his amazing pieces of book art.
Cheers until next month

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