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Many of our members have just enjoyed a creative and inspiring week at the TAFTA Geelong Forum, while many others popped in to visit, view and shop.

Pauleen, Gillian and I all ended up in the same class-Hilary Peterson’s Dye, Print, Stitch’. We all agreed that the class was sensational. Shirley was in Kerr Grabowski’s Mark Making & Deconstructed Printing and Kerry chose a design focus program:  Wendy Lugg’s ‘Transforming Tradition’

The pots brewing:

Pauleen’s book:

Pauleen’s cloth:

Gillian bundling:

Gillian’s book:

Shirley’s printing:

And Kerry, if you email some photos I will pop them here!!

If there is any one else from our group who took a class and would like to put some more info up just email through your text and photos and I will add it on.

Some of mine are over on my blog.

It is well worth participating in the Geelong Forum and also visiting early on the last day (Saturday) to view all the amazing items created at a wide range of classes.

Don’t forget next meeting is October 13th.

November will be rust dyeing/imprinting and an email will go out after the October meeting.


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