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Our meeting this month was an “inbetweenie”.

At the beginning of the year the committee decided to try alternating new techniques with “stitch and sew” months and this has worked fabulously.

This month we had members working on a variety of techniques and pieces as well as sharing their discoveries and successes.

We are continuing to collect ATCs for our Biannual exhibition, themed for 2013 as ‘Alice in Threadland’. The back of the ATC is a transfer of a playing card and we have multiple creative interpretations of the theme including the Cheshire Cat:


ATC 2 ATC cheshire cat

Colourful hand embroidery on bookcover:


Applying techniques to create a casket:


A colouring technique (ask Jenny about this one):

colour technique


detail and the whole piece incorporating crazy patchwork:

CP detail crazy patchwork 1

Experimenting with the marble technique in silk:

marbles in silk

Op Shop refashioning:

op shop refashion refashion 2

Zentangle design:



Another application of patchwork techniques:

patchwork extension


What an amazingly creative bunch and how great to see all these items being worked on!!

August is felting month and the leaders, Maureen and Helen had little kits available for purchase last meeting. If you want to join in please let me know and I will let Helen know how many kits are needed ($3 each).

The photo was included at the end of last month’s round up and here is some more inspiration:

felt bowl


See you all August 10th, an email will go round with the items you need to bring in addition to the little kit provided.

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Our September meeting was all about weaving using fabric strips and ably directed by Kerry.


Not only did we have fun weaving but many of our arty friends have been busy with all sorts of fun and beautiful textile goodies.

Some crazy patchwork finished or not:

Some felting:

Textile mosaics:

Even some plastic bag jewellery:

And Pauline took the weaving a step further after I shared this link with the group:

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Our July meeting was devoted to adding embellishment and stitch to the pieced crazy patches from our June get together. The crazy patches are amazingly diverse in colour and composition.

Here are some progress pictures, hopefully our August meeting will reveal some finished pieces of art.

There was also some wonderful ‘show and tell’ from past workshops:

Marion’s completed ‘Effie Mitrofanis’ piece

Jill’s pieces combined in a different format:

And Kerrie has been working on a magnificent Traveller’s blanket from her workshop with Dijanne Cevaal:

Our August meeting will be led by Gillian and is entitled Textile Mosaics. An email will be sent with further details.

Happy Stitching!!

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The group convened on Saturday for a fun filled session on crazy patchwork led by Kerrie. I was not able to attend but hear that Kerrie kept everyone amused and did a great job teaching the techniques. Pauleen reports:

Kerry led us on an exciting path on Saturday – Creative crazy patchwork.We all had great fun creating our backgrounds.

Next month will be devoted to stitching the pieces.

Pauleen has used some interesting fabrics on her pieced block. She intends to embellish the large middle shape.
Fabrics were constructed into a block ready for stitching at the July session. Pauline got a little ahead of herself and finished already!! Nice embellishment Pauline.

If like me you haven’t constructed your block there are lots of online sites that will give you some hints on how to go about it. Just google ‘crazy patchwork blocks’.

Hope to see you in July.

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