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Here in Victoria we are still restricted in meeting due to Covid-19. Our April meeting was Easter Saturday and a complete shut down so wasn’t held at all. For May our program was a ‘making cords’ round robin. The three cord techniques we were going to demonstrate and try were a braided cord using a recycled cardboard circle, a twisted cord made on the sewing machine using the bobbin winder and Effie Mitrofanis’ lovely wrapped cords from her book Threadwork.

The details all went out tour members to try at home. Thank you to Robyn for sending through photos and descriptions of her bobbin twisted cords.

1. Three sewing threads 2. Hand dyed silk ribbons. 3. 12 strand variegated silk thread, silver metallic thread, cotton and metal thread. 4. Gold and bronze braids with string.

And these are some of my braided cords:

And one of my ‘Effie’ wrapped cords. I must do more of these as they are very therapeutic. Effie has lots of possible combos and examples in her book to try.

We are waiting to see if we can meet together rather than apart for our June meeting on the 13th.

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