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Each 5th Saturday of the month our group rents a large studio space at Shearer’s Arms to do the messy work we cannot do in our normal meeting place. This month we had 5 mini workshops which kept us all extremely busy. Thank you to all those who brought along materials and demonstrated techniques this month-Gillian, Anne, Laurene, Carol and Jo.

First up we coated calico in flour paste and hung to dry, some dried in time to paint, others will have to be finished at home-they will make good show and tell for our May meeting.

GeeTAG 29-4-17

Anne then demonstrated several printing techniques using lino cuts and carved meat trays. Many ways of printing were shared including Pauline’s 2 year old home-made gelli plate. We all had a go at carving a piece of polystyrene meat tray and experimented with various other printing methods.


Experimenting with printing

Next up Laurene demonstrated a very cool technique with sharpies and methylated spirits on lace and fabric. On with more experimenting!

Markers and metho


Carol brought her very large folder of wonderful stencils and demonstrated her technique with brusho powder paints and gelato pigment sticks over stencils. That technique kept everyone busy for a long time as well as borrowing some of her variety of stencil designs.


Last technique was traditional marbling using dyes on fabric. Most of the work here was in preparation of the fabric-washing, scouring and alum soak and the mixing of the carrageenan bath. The first couple of pulls were a little grainy but improved as everyone had a try (photos to come).

Hope to see everyone at our May meeting for stitching on paper.


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Lino Printing

Kerrie led us in lino cutting and printing over two monthly meetings in May/June. In April we cut our lino prints and in May we used the lino to print on fabric.  Kerrie had sourced some lovely lino for us that was a dream to cut and I absolutely loved this technique.

These are the lino cuts I made (they are back and front on one piece of lino):

And the prints they made:

I used one of my prints, embellished with stitch and beads as an ATC for a swap with Anne from France:

Each person was then given a copy of Pauline’s lino print on cotton to embellish as a challenge.

Next month’s meeting will be spent working on embellishing these blocks. It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with on their block. Don’t forget to bring all the threads and beads you wish to use. See you all on August 13th.

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