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Our first meeting of the year saw much experimentation with drawing and colouring on fabric with an assortment of water soluble pencils, crayons and blocks. Gillian gave an excellent demonstration of many techniques and effects.

Inktense pencil demo

Our theme for this year is ‘Of the Sea’ which allows for a broad range of interpretation. Gillian brought many ‘sea’ books to inspire as well.

Our experimentation was on A4 size interfaced fine cotton percale and ‘catcher sheets’ for washing machines with ATC, postcard or book pages marked up.

Interfaced cotton
On catcher sheets

We used a variety of colouring tools including Inktense pencils and crayons, water soluble pencils, water soluble crayons and watercolour paints. Rubbing crayons over textured wallpaper worked well. Mediums used to spread the colour included water- greatest spread, textile medium-slightly less spread and aloe vera gel-minimal spread. We tried barriers to the spread such as the inktense liner pencil and the oil based watercolour crayons with some success on our pictures.

On the right-using stamps

After finishing and heat setting some of these may be further enhanced with hand or machine stitch. Robyn’s finished Japanese silks boro bag was much admired. Great use of recycling and I love the cotton crochet doily featured.

Robyn’s Boro bag

Next meeting will be gelli printing, watch out for a recipe and info from Kerrie via email. Those who took pieces of the fantastic textured wallpaper samples Jill shared bring them along, they are excellent for gelli printing. Also for next meeting read the list and think about where we will head for the second half of our meeting/workshops.

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Great results from the meeting this week with everybody having a go at felting vessels. It is extraordinary how many different forms were made from the one activity. 

felting 3

felting 6

felting 7

felting 8





Excellent tutoring girls!

Shirley brought along her quilt from Ballarat Fibre Arts:

quilt 2

confetti quilt 1


And Pauleen has been making some creatively coloured fabric (while on her winter visit north). These include rubbings and overprinting. Lovely colours Pauleen.

beautiful fabrics


It was a very busy meeting this month as we also played host to the travelling suitcase ‘Amina’ from ATASDA.





TS5Great opportunity to see such a wide variety of textile works close up.

September’s meeting will be our bring, stitch and sew month. Don’t forget to bring those ATC’s for our display at our biannual exhibition and any extra items for the gift shop.




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Thanks Pauleen & Pauline- a few photos of finished ATCs have arrived in my Inbox.

Image 2

atc 1

atc 2

Keep them coming, I will just add them as an update to this post as they arrive.

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This post is looking back to our April & May workshops. We began and continued embellishing ATC cards based on the theme for our biannual exhibition: Alice in Threadland. Details for the exhibition can be found on the Embroiderers Guild website. (Photos to come).


At the May meeting one of our members, Shirley, showed her wonderful memorial book on her Great Uncle based on her research into his life and experiences in WW1. More info is in these articles here and here.

Shirleys book 2

Shirleys book 3


Shirleys book 1

She also attended a workshop on the “Confetti Landscape” process.

Before netting:

confetti 2



After netting and stitching:

confetti 1Thanks for sharing your inspiring work Shirley



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The latest get together of our group was held on Easter Saturday and so numbers were reduced.

Those who did attend however, achieved much, in planning the schedule for the rest of the year. Here is a report from Pauleen outlining plans for the next meeting:


At our Saturday gathering we agreed to start a project.
A textile art book. This will be gradually built up and when we have enough pages we will bind them into a book.
Each page will be a different project – the idea – to learn new tecniques.
The first one  (May 9th) will be – a stamp tecnique – bleaching velvet.
If you wish to participate please bring the following:
1. For stamps “found objects” eg. corks, foam spnges. cotton reels etc.
2. Thick rubber gloves.
3. Plastic apron or covering for clothes.
Fabric and bleach will be supplied at a nominal cost.
Please e-mail me IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING in this activity so we have sufficient supplies.
If you are unsure about the activity please e-mail me.  
 ATC’s will be ongoing and can be swapped at any meeting. A few of us swapped on Saturday.
Here are a couple of the ATC’s that were swapped on Saturday. 
atc-swaps-easter-09The one on the left was made by Gillian and the butterflies by Pauline. They are both fantastic.
I can’t wait to swap at the next meeting.
I couldn’t get there Easter Saturday as I was busy elsewhere! Here is a picture of the camp site by the river in beautiful Gellibrand where our families all had a wonderful relaxing weekend, even those who fell in and had to dry socks and boots on the fire!!
For those who are interested, I visited a fascinating exhibition at the Geelong Art Gallery today. Called ‘The garden of Forking Paths” it was a collection of sculpted books by artist Nicholas Jones. I have blogged about it on my Carlseapatch blog. It finishes on Sunday so you will need to get in quick. Here is a picture of one of his amazing pieces of book art.
Cheers until next month

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This post of our March Creative textile arts group day is a little delayed. My computer and phone refuse to communicate via bluetooth, so I will have to physically connect the phone via a lead (which I haven’t yet purchased). Update: No lead available. Son no 2 has bluetoothed photos from my phone to his mobile then to computer. It seems that samsung and apple do not get along.

Our March get together was a little down on numbers from the enthusiasm of the inaugural meeting however there was no shortage of beautiful work to inspire us.

Firstly there was Pauline’s amazing tactile piece entitled ‘the seven deadly sins’ completely made from cotton and destined for entry in an exhibition (so no photo). 

There was a wonderfully diverse range of lovely pieces to see, but unfortunately I forgot to take a camera. The photos following are taken afterwards.

Glen brought along her Janome embellisher for us to play with as well as a variety of fibres and fabrics to embellish. Claudia (and others) had a wonderful time on this machine.


Claudia's felting

Claudia's felting



As quite a few of us are wishing to purchase an embellisher, we are looking at getting a discounted price for a group order. Any members wishing to join in please email me for details or let us know at the April meeting.

Our meeting this month was to continue working on atc’s to swap with the group. This is Pauleen’s work in progress, with her favourite colours:

Glen brought along her machine embroidery sample book, which she began at the Embroiderer’s guild conference workshops last year. Glen accidently left this behind when she left the meeting so I took it home and photographed before returning it to her. As a bonus I got to see her beautiful heritage home overlooking the bay and her wonderful playroom. I have asked if I can go back and take photographs of her room so hopefully they will be on the blog for April.




Next get together will be Easter Saturday for ATC swaps.

Don’t forget to bring some of your stitching to show and tell (and I’ll try to remember the camera!).

Last weekend some of us attended a workshop organised by the Guild with Jan Preston, a multi-talented textile artist from Torquay. The workshop was entitled Free Stitch with Nature and we had a wonderful time stitching over natural materials collected from the bush or gardens.

Some still need to have the solvy washed off (excuse the photos, most were taken with my mobile):







jan-prestonjo101jan-pjo2bThis final one, I stomped on a dried agapantha flower head before stitching and also stitched over some bamboo wool fibres. Great fun!!

Cheers till April.

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Welcome to the first post of the newly created Geelong Creative Fibre Arts Group, a protegy of the Geelong Embroiderer’s Guild.

Our inaugural meeting was held today and attended by twenty very enthusiastic members of the guild, ranging in age from 8 years to …..

lovely-1Some of the lovely ladies who attended.

ll2ll31ll4Congratulations and Thank you to Pauleen, above on the left, for all her hard work in bringing this group to fruition.

Many brought wonderful pieces of creative textile arts to show and Claudia and I demonstrated wet and dry silk paper making.

j1Glen’s beautiful silk paper covered journal was a very apt example following the demo.




Our first project, for those that wish to join in, will be the making of ATC’s to swap. Next meeting will be Saturday 14th March, 12.30pm for a show and tell, followed by hand finishing our ATC’s.



P.S. If you are interested in joining our group click on the Contact tab above

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