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Each month our group responds to a suggested theme and technique for creating a postcard or other small piece of art. We have had lots of sharing of inspiration including a great ’15 minutes of fame’ from member Carol. Thank you Carol for sharing all your amazing artwork with us today.

February’s theme was Wings and the technique: layers and collage

March’s theme was Symbols or icons, technique metals and foils

Our April theme for today was ‘Dancing the night away’ and the technique bejewelled.

As always there was lots of eye candy from the previous months’ stitching as well as some interesting in process works, all very different interpretations of the themes.

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Postcard 3

Postcard 4

Postcard 5

Postcard 6

Postcard 7

Postcard 8

Postcard 9



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Thank you to Pauline for leading us in a fun, arty technique today for our March meeting, one which everybody seemed to enjoy greatly.

It involved stitching, followed by glueing and then painting, with more stitching to come at home when out creations are dry.

These little masterpieces can be used as panels, bookcovers, decorations etc and I know I, for one, will be making a couple more after today’s fun. The lumiere paint was particularly effective and a little bit of gold rubbed onto prominent areas added a little extra special glitz.

Stitched, glued

Stitched, glued




Our stitch of the month was ably demonstrated by Pauleen:

Ladder stitch

Ladder stitch

And a few stitch samplers were on show:

Stitch samplers

Info for the April meeting will be going out shortly by email, as well as some reminders of special projects in which you might like to become involved.


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Our November meeting saw a treasure trove of handmade books revealed. Thank you to Kerrie for her knowledgeable chat on the art of bookmaking. A few of the books and covers displayed:

Bookbinding 2

Needleweaving on the coptic binding

Needleweaving on the coptic binding



Detail of Pauleen's bookcover

Detail of Pauleen’s bookcover


We are all now working on finishing our technique samplers from each month to put into our individual Book of 2014. Remember to leave the cover until after our December meeting, Kerrie will have a surprise package for all to incorporate.

Our pages will include beautiful creative canvaswork:

Canvaswork 1

Canvaswork 2

Canvaswork 3 Canvaswork 4

Canvaswork 5

Canvaswork 6

Canvaswork 7Pin needleweaving will make an appearance:

Needleweaving 1

Needleweaving 2

Needleweaving 3

And lots of embellishment and encrustation of stitch:

Embellished 1

Embellished with stitch 1

Encrusted 1

Encrusted 2

What an amazingly talented bunch you all are!!


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