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Thank you to Kerrie for a fantastic display and tutorial of her handmade books at the August meeting. Hand stitch book

Following our ‘Messy Day’ on the 5th Saturday in July Kerrie constructed a concertina spine book and led us through the process step by step.

concertina spine book tutorial 1

Pauline went home and made a book:

Gillian shared some of her books:


I also went straight home to make a book out of my papers and finished it on the weekend. My pages were a little loose so I made the holding tabs a little larger than the spine folds to keep them snug. The linen paper I used for the cover was perfect, I just folded it to size so it has a double up along the bottom and one end which has made it stronger:

And here are some teasers of books in process for our GeeTAG exhibition in March 2018 to celebrate 50 years of EGV Geelong Branch and ? years of GeeTAG (we are working out that one).




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There was an abundance of beautiful work on show from our productive members at our May meeting.

First up was Pauline with an explanation and great examples of Faux leather. This fitted in beautifully with our theme of recycling for our May postcards with the possible re-use of all those brown paper bags.

Faux leather box

Faux leather

Our other topic for discussion was felting. This arose from the tendency for people to gift me their accidently felted woollens for recycling. There were some lovely examples of needle felting and wet felting.

Felt 2


A dressed Scallywag:

Skallywag - Benny is my name

Nuno felt patchwork

Felt 1

Now onto the finished and in-progress pieces on display.

Firstly the April postcards where the theme was ‘Dancing the night away’ and ‘bling, bling, bling’.



Dance of the 7 veils




We had some icons appearing for March:

Cat icon

Bowie icon

We had book pages and covers from Jill:

Book cover

Book 3

DNA Book 1

Book 4

Book 2

We even had a finished May postcard using recycled materials:

Recycled 1

Many of our members were inspired after the Velma Bolyard workshop and went home to spin paper and make more shifu:


Wow, you are a talented bunch.

Next meeting is June with our 15 minutes of fame spot with Robyn and a theme of ‘Out of Africa’- sure to bring out the wild side!


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Off to a Good start

Welcome back everyone. We are off to a good start. The program for the year has been developed – it will involve some form of  stitch most months and the opportunity to try or revisit a new technique. This month Gillian Norris led the introduction to Sorbello Stitch.


Gillian’s piece incorporated stitches of varying size, some overlapped and threads of different types and thickness.

photo (5)

Keen to start, the group got busy – hoops were out, fabric and threads selected and in next to no time samplers were finished.

photo (3)

photo (4)

You may like to think about adding or collaging some fabric scraps or paper  and stitching on top. Torn strips of sheer, novelty or knitting yarns can make interesting threads and provide texture in your work.


Then Jo demonstrated marbling fabric using shaving cream and highly pigmented inks. A simple matter of creating a layer of foam in a tray, using a pipette to drop the ink onto the foam and using a skewer to swirl the inks around. Fabric was carefully laid onto the foam, the marbled inks transferred to the fabric and then the fabric was removed and left to dry.


Soon after everyone was having a go and there were printed fabric pieces everywhere. Coffee cups made excellent weights and stopped the fabrics from blowing away.

photo (6)

There was time to look at these. Some finished books from 2014. A few photos of some of the pages in the books. Hopefully more will be added as the group brings along the finished books.

photo (14)

photo (13)

photo (7) photo (2) photo (12) photo (10) photo (9) photo (15) photo (8)

If you have further suggestions or ideas about techniques that you or the group may be interested in learning please let us know as we may be able to add them to the calendar.

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Our November meeting saw a treasure trove of handmade books revealed. Thank you to Kerrie for her knowledgeable chat on the art of bookmaking. A few of the books and covers displayed:

Bookbinding 2

Needleweaving on the coptic binding

Needleweaving on the coptic binding



Detail of Pauleen's bookcover

Detail of Pauleen’s bookcover


We are all now working on finishing our technique samplers from each month to put into our individual Book of 2014. Remember to leave the cover until after our December meeting, Kerrie will have a surprise package for all to incorporate.

Our pages will include beautiful creative canvaswork:

Canvaswork 1

Canvaswork 2

Canvaswork 3 Canvaswork 4

Canvaswork 5

Canvaswork 6

Canvaswork 7Pin needleweaving will make an appearance:

Needleweaving 1

Needleweaving 2

Needleweaving 3

And lots of embellishment and encrustation of stitch:

Embellished 1

Embellished with stitch 1

Encrusted 1

Encrusted 2

What an amazingly talented bunch you all are!!


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Many meandering books made their appearance at the March meeting, and each one was beautifully different.

Meandering books



Gillian brought along a couple more variations of the meandering book including a triangular shaped one:

Gillian's meandering further

Our 2014 projects for GeeTAG will culminate in a book of samples. Today we looked at making silk and felt pages for our books.

We firstly meandered on to a demo of silk paper making with a quick show and explanation of the different types of silk fibres and products.

Silk Paper with textile medium


Next Bronwyn showed some wonderful samples of her felting followed by a quick demo of the felting process.

Recently Updated19


We were intrigued with the method for felting the beads into the page and nice beret modelling Beryl!

Felting 6


This cool suction tool was for wetting down the fibres:

Recently Updated20

Kerrie was a magnificent model also and demo-ed needle felting as another possible technique for making pages:

Recently Updated17


Jill brought some wonderful show and tell:

Recently Updated13

Hope you all have fun trying out some of these techniques and stitching on your pages.

Next month Pauleen and Pauline will be leading us in encrusting calico, look for the email with materials needed.

Encrusted calico


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February was demo time for putting together our meandering books ably directed by Kerrie.

Pauline has sent through some photos:

Her sheet of couched threads

couched sheet brown


The book showing its folds

Pauline's book 2


And the pages after swapping with the group:

Pauline's book 3


And the other side of pages

And the other side of pages

Any more photos of books?

Next get together is March 9th where we will be making silk pages and stitching on felt pages as well as any other stitch projects you are currently working on (info has been emailed out).


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Girls Lunching

Great food, conversation and company were plentiful at the GeeTAG lunch to finish off the year. The lunch was delicious at Wintergarden and as always the surroundings of this magnificent building were beautiful. It is always a pleasure to browse the upstairs art gallery as well.

Lunch 2


Lunch 1

Kerry made up  amazing packages of materials and threads for our holiday project which will be completed at our first meeting for 2014 on Saturday February 8th.

Fantastic job Kerry

Fantastic job Kerry

All members were given directions for the use of the materials in making up a sheet to be sliced into 5cm and 7cm squares. The opening of the goodie bags was certainly ‘joyous’ and there were many amazing fabrics and fibres in the colour themed selections.

Goodie Bag 4

Goodie Bag 2

Pauleen has some bags for those who couldn't make lunch

Pauleen has some bags for those who couldn’t make lunch

Nicely coordinated Jenny

Nicely coordinated Jenny

Toning well Carol

Toning well Carol


Many members received colours that were very appropriate to their outfits!

These will be swapped and then constructed into wonderful folded origami books.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3




And because I was so excited by my ‘forest’ colours, I did my homework the very next day:

The A4 sheet with fibres stitched securely

The A4 sheet with fibres stitched securely

And sliced up ready to use for the book

And sliced up ready to use for the book

And Jenny made a gorgeous ATC:


Have a very happy Christmas to all our readers and members.

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