Our November meeting featured 3 small tutorials on surface decoration techniques to add texture to fabric artworks: shiva rubbings, moulding paste and paperclay. Much information was shared about how the different types of paper clay perform and their subsequent uses, some like Rosalie’s dry into a hardened form and others like Gillian’s remain flexible and can be sewn onto and into:

Paper clay


We experimented with rubbings and investigated the various ways of applying moulding paste:

Texture rubbings

Shiva rubbings


Gold texture rubbing

We had some finished postcards on Halloween and perspective:

and some continued ‘slow stitch’:


and a lovely little weaving:


Don’t forget to reply to Kerrie for our December xmas gathering, check your email for the details.


Printing the day away

Our fifth Saturday messy fun day was a great success for those who attended with experimenting and sharing of processes, ideas and materials.

There was lino cutting, gelli printing, block printing, stencilling, sunprinting, leaf, feather  and anything goes printing, sprays, paints and inks.

Thank you to all the participants for lugging heaps of materials and joining in for a bit of fun artmaking.

Lots of happy printers at work:

Happy printers

Loved the loofa prints

Loved the loofa!

Layering on the prints:

Lots of layering

Some wonderful print patterns and effects:

Great effects!

Our October meeting was looking at light, shade and perspective. The Long Winding Road, Light & Day, Shadowland were identified as possible themes for interpreting the techniques of creating perspective and shadow. Gillian gave a quick demonstration of perspective drawing from 1 or 2 points of reference on the white board. Watch your email for a scan of Gillian’s design sketches on perspective from her sketchbook. In the meantime you might light to have a look at this article


and this tutorial


We had lots of discussion about the program for 2017, which will be a year of preparation for our branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild 50th birthday celebratory exhibitions. GeeTAG will have our own exhibition and we are currently looking at possible venues for March/April 2018. This will be a great opportunity for members exhibit and to showcase the diversity of work that comprises textile art

There were some finished postcards from previous months,

An interpretation of the Colours of the Rainbow


and Spring has Sprung / Flower Power featuring free machine embroidery, applique/contemporary reverse applique



Springy September

Our theme for the September postcard is “Spring is Sprung” and there were several postcards finished and on display:




Our mini tutorials this month were applique, reverse applique and free machine embroidery. There were many beautiful and inspiring pieces on display including Pauline’s Tiffany inspired piece:


Lots of FME:

FME by Jill

FME by Jill

FME by Jenny

FME by Jenny

Some postcards being worked on from previous months:


And some other rather wonderful stitchery on eco-printed and dyed fabric from Kerrie’s worksop:


Creative stitching by Carol

Creative stitching by Carol

Planning has begun for our Geelong EGV 50th year celebrations in 2018 and it has been suggested that GeeTAG have their own exhibition early in the year. We are open to suggestions for a focus/theme for this exhibition which will also become our program for 2017 so put your creative thinking caps on, feedback greatly welcomed.

Also keep in mind our 5th Saturday off-site messy gathering on October 29th. The theme will be printing and we hope to have a few stations set up to try different ways of printing.

August gathering

There was much ooohhing and aaahhhing at our August meeting as the results of Kerrie’s fantastic eco dyeing and printing workshop were unveiled. See Kerrie’s post for the wonderful pieces of fabric. We were also entertained and amazed as Robyn told us a brief history of her textile exploits to date, many and varied.

Robyn's textile life!

Robyn’s textile life!

There were lots of finished postcards to admire:

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

Felted and stitched postcards

Felted and stitched postcards

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

And some book pages on eco dyed and printed fabric:

Natural dyed backgrounds

Natural dyed backgrounds


July roundup

Our meeting in July was a while back so this is a catch up before our next gathering on August 13th. For July our theme for the postcard is ‘Birds of a Feather’. There is an Artisans of Geelong exhibition planned for March 2017 with the theme of Community. The GeeTAG contribution will be a group exhibition of postcards from July so it will be interesting to see the different interpretations and how they fit the exhibition theme.

There was a great sharing of techniques for image transfer so perhaps some pieces of image art may pop up in the future.

Jenny had wonderful fun with Meredith Woolnough’s workshop at Winter School in Ballarat:

FME in resin

Jenny B

The boxes to hold our year’s postcards are coming along:

Faux leather box

Although some are doing book pages like this wonderful interpretation of Out of Africa for June:

Book Page

And there was some other lovely stitchery in progress:

Hand stitch

applique and embroidery

See you all in August for ‘all the colours of the rainbow’ and hopefully some reveals from the 5th Saturday eco dyeing workshop.

GeeTAG in June

The June meeting, coinciding with the long weekend/ Queens Birthday holiday was not as well attended as the usual monthly meeting. Being aware of the clash with the holiday there was no formal activity planned, leaving members with time to work on individual projects. During the course of the meeting there was the opportunity to show any finished ‘postcards’ or other work that members had to show.

FullSizeRender (4)

Jill is producing pages for a book, this is approximately an A4 size and is her interpretation of Flotsam & Jetsom. Materials include driftwood, shells and ‘rubbish’

FullSizeRender (5)

Gillian has embroidered ‘discarded net’ and cleverly created an image of a trapped fish.

FullSizeRender (7)

Junkyard Family Reunion is one of Laurene’s postcards. Various recycled elements including an old milk jug cover and buttons.

FullSizeRender (6)

Another interpretation of Recycled from Laurene. This one has found rusted wire and a washer, and remnants of a lace collar and an old milk jug cover

FullSizeRender (2)

Rubbish on the Beach from Robyn. Bits and pieces sandwiched between bubble wrap and pressed then stitched.

FullSizeRender (1)

This is Robyn’s interpretation of Wings

FullSizeRender (8)

and ‘Figures Dancing’, an abstract interpretation of the April theme. Copied and rinted from one of her paintings with machine stitch for further definition.

FullSizeRender (9)

Remember the mind mapping, this is a great way to sort your ideas and thoughts. This from Jo, showing how she might approach her ‘Out of Africa’ postcard for June.

Kerrie brought along some examples of methods of transferring images to fabric for use in embroidery and textile art. This will be on show again in the July meeting with further explorations and ideas.