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March was all about pushing the boundaries of nuno felt and initial experiments display great success with this technique. Martina, Carol and Bronwyn led an informative and inspiring tutorial with their fantastic samples and individual ‘on the spot’ tutoring. Thank you all.

Image 3

Carol’s beautiful sample shawl

Image 4

Samples including felting onto orange bag

Carol has used her own alpaca fibres in many of her samples, and displayed much creative variety in all her displayed nuno felt.

We were all impressed with Martina’s exploration of nuno felting roses:


Roses nuno felted onto fine white silk

And Pauline was on the ball as usual with a gorgeous finished sample:

Pauline McK

We had a flock of birds joining us in preparation for our contribution to the Artisans of Geelong Exhibition in April. Kerrie presented some options for making 3D birds in our first meeting for 2017 in February and the members have responded with gusto- they are beautiful.

Birds 1

Some of the birds flocking together

And Gillian’s in progress:

Bird in progress

Our next 2nd Saturday meeting will be a Stitch & Share, perhaps of any intentions for your yearly project leading to our solo GeeTAG exhibition in 2018. If there are any suggestions for the 5th Saturday at Shearer’s Arms in April please email. Ditto with any finished samples of nuno felt and they can be added to the blog.

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Our November meeting featured 3 small tutorials on surface decoration techniques to add texture to fabric artworks: shiva rubbings, moulding paste and paperclay. Much information was shared about how the different types of paper clay perform and their subsequent uses, some like Rosalie’s dry into a hardened form and others like Gillian’s remain flexible and can be sewn onto and into:

Paper clay


We experimented with rubbings and investigated the various ways of applying moulding paste:

Texture rubbings

Shiva rubbings


Gold texture rubbing

We had some finished postcards on Halloween and perspective:

and some continued ‘slow stitch’:


and a lovely little weaving:


Don’t forget to reply to Kerrie for our December xmas gathering, check your email for the details.


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Our theme for the September postcard is “Spring is Sprung” and there were several postcards finished and on display:




Our mini tutorials this month were applique, reverse applique and free machine embroidery. There were many beautiful and inspiring pieces on display including Pauline’s Tiffany inspired piece:


Lots of FME:

FME by Jill

FME by Jill

FME by Jenny

FME by Jenny

Some postcards being worked on from previous months:


And some other rather wonderful stitchery on eco-printed and dyed fabric from Kerrie’s worksop:


Creative stitching by Carol

Creative stitching by Carol

Planning has begun for our Geelong EGV 50th year celebrations in 2018 and it has been suggested that GeeTAG have their own exhibition early in the year. We are open to suggestions for a focus/theme for this exhibition which will also become our program for 2017 so put your creative thinking caps on, feedback greatly welcomed.

Also keep in mind our 5th Saturday off-site messy gathering on October 29th. The theme will be printing and we hope to have a few stations set up to try different ways of printing.

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There was much ooohhing and aaahhhing at our August meeting as the results of Kerrie’s fantastic eco dyeing and printing workshop were unveiled. See Kerrie’s post for the wonderful pieces of fabric. We were also entertained and amazed as Robyn told us a brief history of her textile exploits to date, many and varied.

Robyn's textile life!

Robyn’s textile life!

There were lots of finished postcards to admire:

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather

Felted and stitched postcards

Felted and stitched postcards

Out of Africa

Out of Africa

And some book pages on eco dyed and printed fabric:

Natural dyed backgrounds

Natural dyed backgrounds


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There was an abundance of beautiful work on show from our productive members at our May meeting.

First up was Pauline with an explanation and great examples of Faux leather. This fitted in beautifully with our theme of recycling for our May postcards with the possible re-use of all those brown paper bags.

Faux leather box

Faux leather

Our other topic for discussion was felting. This arose from the tendency for people to gift me their accidently felted woollens for recycling. There were some lovely examples of needle felting and wet felting.

Felt 2


A dressed Scallywag:

Skallywag - Benny is my name

Nuno felt patchwork

Felt 1

Now onto the finished and in-progress pieces on display.

Firstly the April postcards where the theme was ‘Dancing the night away’ and ‘bling, bling, bling’.



Dance of the 7 veils




We had some icons appearing for March:

Cat icon

Bowie icon

We had book pages and covers from Jill:

Book cover

Book 3

DNA Book 1

Book 4

Book 2

We even had a finished May postcard using recycled materials:

Recycled 1

Many of our members were inspired after the Velma Bolyard workshop and went home to spin paper and make more shifu:


Wow, you are a talented bunch.

Next meeting is June with our 15 minutes of fame spot with Robyn and a theme of ‘Out of Africa’- sure to bring out the wild side!


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Each month our group responds to a suggested theme and technique for creating a postcard or other small piece of art. We have had lots of sharing of inspiration including a great ’15 minutes of fame’ from member Carol. Thank you Carol for sharing all your amazing artwork with us today.

February’s theme was Wings and the technique: layers and collage

March’s theme was Symbols or icons, technique metals and foils

Our April theme for today was ‘Dancing the night away’ and the technique bejewelled.

As always there was lots of eye candy from the previous months’ stitching as well as some interesting in process works, all very different interpretations of the themes.

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

Postcard 3

Postcard 4

Postcard 5

Postcard 6

Postcard 7

Postcard 8

Postcard 9



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Our recent September meeting was named ‘Felted and shaken’ and we started with the eating of kinder surprise chocolates so as to use the small plastic containers for the shaking and felting of our wool tops into felt balls. As is the way with our group all manner of items were displayed, shaken and felted as an offshoot. It is wonderful how you get together with a group of like-minded people and the inspiration and ideas just flow! We were rolling, shaking jars with beads, shaking pavlova containers, and displaying some beautiful felted and nuno felted items.

In process

In process

Felted balls

Felted balls

We also had a go at starting nuno felting which was a long process not quite finished in the session, so if anyone has any photos of their finished product please email through and I will add to the blog post.

Nuno felting

Nuno felting

We looked at some examples of nuno and other felting some members had finished previously:

Felting prepared earlier!

Felting prepared earlier!

Other show and tell included a bollard in progress for our exhibition in October utilising all the hand stitches we have covered this year:

Bollard in progress

Bollard in progress

And some work Jill completed for the class with Kerrie and Jenny:

3D structures

3D structures


For those at the meeting this is the finished sample of marble effect felting on cotton muslin:

Felting on muslin

Felting on muslin

And many of our GeeTAG members will know Shirley who’s exhibition is on in Queenscliff until September 30. Here is a picture I snapped today with her latest piece based on her brother shearing at the family farm:

ShirleyNext meeting in October is needlefelting.



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In the depths of winter we had a great sharing of techniques for our August meeting. The topic was ‘Formed and Beaded’, which was exactly what Kerrie gave us with her fantastic demo on the making of her ‘muslin beads’.

Beads 2 Beads 3 Beads 4

Gillian shared her colourful handmade beads and we were very impressed by the felt beads made by both Rhonda and Gillian. Next month (September) is ‘felted and shaken’ so enjoy your Kinder surprise in preparation.

Beads 1

Some members brought along stitching to share from previous months. Jill had finished her dissolvable ‘houses’:

Jill 1

Carol had made one of her fabrics into a fantastic ipad case:

ipad cover 1ipad cover 2

and was working on an interesting hand stitched collage of patches:

Carol 1Carol 2Carol 3

Our stitch of the month was flystitch:

Fly stitchJill stitching sampler

And work was continuing on boro/sashiko from ‘woven and stitched’ in June:

Boro:sashiko 1

Anne took notes during the meeting on everyone’s suggestions for beadmaking and these will be emailed out to the GeeTAG list.

Watch out for the email for our September meeting.

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For our June meeting Gillian gave a brief rundown on the history of sashiko and boro stitching and showed us some great samples. She also showed us a very efficient method of weaving the fabric strips using a ruler.

Everybody was quickly at work cutting strips of fabric and weaving using this ingenious method. Most people also got onto stitching to attach and enhance their pieces.

Thank you to Pauline who emailed through a photo of her boro piece in progress with interesting shapes embellished on top.

Pauline's woven boro

Pauline’s woven boro

Next meeting is 11th July and will be ‘Stitched and Dissolved with FME’. Requirements list will go out Monday by email. Don’t forget to email through photos, they can be added at any time.




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Thank you to Pauline for leading us in a fun, arty technique today for our March meeting, one which everybody seemed to enjoy greatly.

It involved stitching, followed by glueing and then painting, with more stitching to come at home when out creations are dry.

These little masterpieces can be used as panels, bookcovers, decorations etc and I know I, for one, will be making a couple more after today’s fun. The lumiere paint was particularly effective and a little bit of gold rubbed onto prominent areas added a little extra special glitz.

Stitched, glued

Stitched, glued




Our stitch of the month was ably demonstrated by Pauleen:

Ladder stitch

Ladder stitch

And a few stitch samplers were on show:

Stitch samplers

Info for the April meeting will be going out shortly by email, as well as some reminders of special projects in which you might like to become involved.


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