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February was demo time for putting together our meandering books ably directed by Kerrie.

Pauline has sent through some photos:

Her sheet of couched threads

couched sheet brown


The book showing its folds

Pauline's book 2


And the pages after swapping with the group:

Pauline's book 3


And the other side of pages

And the other side of pages

Any more photos of books?

Next get together is March 9th where we will be making silk pages and stitching on felt pages as well as any other stitch projects you are currently working on (info has been emailed out).


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Girls Lunching

Great food, conversation and company were plentiful at the GeeTAG lunch to finish off the year. The lunch was delicious at Wintergarden and as always the surroundings of this magnificent building were beautiful. It is always a pleasure to browse the upstairs art gallery as well.

Lunch 2


Lunch 1

Kerry made up  amazing packages of materials and threads for our holiday project which will be completed at our first meeting for 2014 on Saturday February 8th.

Fantastic job Kerry

Fantastic job Kerry

All members were given directions for the use of the materials in making up a sheet to be sliced into 5cm and 7cm squares. The opening of the goodie bags was certainly ‘joyous’ and there were many amazing fabrics and fibres in the colour themed selections.

Goodie Bag 4

Goodie Bag 2

Pauleen has some bags for those who couldn't make lunch

Pauleen has some bags for those who couldn’t make lunch

Nicely coordinated Jenny

Nicely coordinated Jenny

Toning well Carol

Toning well Carol


Many members received colours that were very appropriate to their outfits!

These will be swapped and then constructed into wonderful folded origami books.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3




And because I was so excited by my ‘forest’ colours, I did my homework the very next day:

The A4 sheet with fibres stitched securely

The A4 sheet with fibres stitched securely

And sliced up ready to use for the book

And sliced up ready to use for the book

And Jenny made a gorgeous ATC:


Have a very happy Christmas to all our readers and members.

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Members were stitching all manner of arty pieces this month at our ‘catch up’ session.

Some lovely felting from last month:

felt 1

felt 3

felt 3

Shirley’s quilt for the ‘Alice in Threadland’ challenge at our upcoming exhibition:

AinW quilt 5

AinW quilt 1

AinW quilt2

At our exhibition we have a great gift shop. Here are some items our group have been making to sell for the Guild:



Some of our members attended a fun day with the Trolly Dolly’s:

dolls 1

And finally some fantastic etched metal books made by some of our members at a workshop with Jen Crossley

Metal etched book 2

Metal etched book 1

Our October meeting will be “Colouring Cloth”, watch out for the emails.

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This post is looking back to our April & May workshops. We began and continued embellishing ATC cards based on the theme for our biannual exhibition: Alice in Threadland. Details for the exhibition can be found on the Embroiderers Guild website. (Photos to come).


At the May meeting one of our members, Shirley, showed her wonderful memorial book on her Great Uncle based on her research into his life and experiences in WW1. More info is in these articles here and here.

Shirleys book 2

Shirleys book 3


Shirleys book 1

She also attended a workshop on the “Confetti Landscape” process.

Before netting:

confetti 2



After netting and stitching:

confetti 1Thanks for sharing your inspiring work Shirley



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Our March meeting saw our members adding the stitching to the bookcovers started in February.

It is amazing how one technique can produce so many different results!

Compare to last months photos and you will see how effective the stitching has been.

Don’t forget you can use Gillian’s creative catalysts as ideas for your designs.














Next month’s meeting requirements will be emailed out prior.

If you have any ATC’s perhaps bring them along for a Show & Tell.


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February threads

The GeeTAG meeting for February saw a large contingent attending after the summer break. The program for the year was introduced with Gillian guiding us through a design exercise and explaining the use of the ‘glue books’. This is a weekly exercise for those who wish to participate. Don’t forget to add your pictures of the glue books to the yahoo group.

Here is my first page for the prompt ‘RED’



We began preparing for the year ahead with a technique demonstrated by Pauline to create a bookcover for the samples we will create during our meetings.

Fibres and threads and snippets of fabric were arranged between vliesofix, ironed and then sandwiched between chiffon op shop scarves. During our March meeting we will be completing the hand sewing (or machine should you wish) of the covers.

Some photos of the process:



ladies feb


For March bring your sewing supplies to finish off the bookcover.


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Many of our members have taken advantage of the summer break to create.

Pauleen’s recycled xmas card book:

card book 2 card book

Pauline McK printings and Shiva rubbing over rust dyed fabric:




Pauleen’s stitching with a variety of rust dyed fabrics:

rust Pauleen Pauline McK also did some very effective rubbings using gold Shiva over stamps on the rusty fabric. I will post a photo when I get them.

Don’t forget next meeting on February 9th: we will be discussing and outlining a suggested program for the year, for our Bi-annual exhibition in October and for our Johnston Collection pieces in 2014.

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Our ‘Show and Tell’ for September was boosted by the return of members who had tripped off north for the winter.

Pauleen has been very busy, while off sunning herself, creating beautiful books and bags:

One of the books:

The beautiful bag, front:

and back:

Jill was not idle and finished off her creative beading sample from Lisa Walton’s workshop:

Jill is also currently working on a book incorportaing some fantastic colour combinations like this:

Evelyn took our lutrador experimenting to new levels with this amazing piece:

What an amazingly talented bunch we are!!!

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At our April and May meetings there was quite a bit of Show and Tell from the members. It is great to get inspiration from other members in this way and also to get positive feedback on our pieces.

In April Jacqui had done some wonderful cloth dyeing based on the February swing tag technique with dyes and salt. Here is her description of her technique:

The cards and the light parts of the calico I gessoed, the dark parts of the fabric are ungessoed. After the gesso was dry I flooded the card/fabric with blue quink ink, then sprinkled on rock salt, when I was happy with the look of the piece I dried
them with a hair dryer to stop the process. Bits of inky rock salt tend to be blown around so make sure you do this
where damp blue rock salt won’t mark anything you don’t want blued.
The card with the yellow lines on were made by drawing with crayon onto the dried gesso before adding the ink.

Gillian did a fantastic piece combining some earlier techniques:

Yesterday Gillian and I showed the results of the weekend workshop at the Melbourne branch of the Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria. The Guild had invited Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn over for their 50th Anniversary celebrations and they held two two day workshops in Malvern. Jan and Jean were inspiring, funny and generous.  I will do a post on my blog and I’m sure Gillian will also so pop over to have a look in more detail.

Jill showed us her fantastic bag made of ties from the Op Shop:

Shirley showed us her amazing family quilt dedicated to memories of wartime:

And some close ups; Shirley also used regimental ties in her quilt.

Jill brought her Book in progress, an ongoing project for us all to showcase the techniques investigated in 2009:

Front Cover:

And the Back cover:

Inspired by our wacky wild women last month, Pauleen has made another which was perfectly matched to her purple jumper:

Our Geelong branch of the Guild have a couple of exhibitions this month in conjunction with the Embroiderer’s Guild of Victoria 50th Anniversary celebrations. At the end of May selected items from our Christmas exhibition at the Johnston Collection will be on display at the National Wool Museum here in Geelong (the Johnston Collection is  holding some great talks on embroidery for the Guild celebrations also). Also beginning this month, our members have  contributed to an exhibition of Oriental Embroidery at the Geelong Art Gallery. This is sure to be a visual feast, not to be missed.

Finally, here is a link to the Reflections Scarf Festival 2010. This is a fantastic festival for all ages. It caters for  local, Melbourne, state wide and interstate entries, including  students and younger children. The workshops are great and also continue throughout the mid year school holidays, with many catering to students and children as well as adults. A membership to the Museum is good value, giving free entry throughout the year.

Happy arting and I’ll be back next month with a rundown of June’s workshop on silk paper.

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Concluding 2009

Most of our techniques for 2009 were taken from Beryl Taylor’s excellent book “Mixed Media Explorations” which many of our members had purchased.

May- Bleaching- velvet & Paper

June- Shiva Paintstiks & Stitching on cold/hot water dissolvable

July- Paper clay & Water soluble Paper

August- Embedding & Sandwiching

September- Working on Pellon & Etching into velvet

October- UTEE stamps & Xpandaprint on rag/watercolour paper

November- Tyvek paper & Stitching metal

It was decided that samples of these techniques would be presented in a book format.

Like me, many of us are still working on putting our books together, but Pauline had finished hers and brought it along for ‘show and tell’ at last month’s workshop.

Here are some photos of her mouth watering book

Front Cover:

Some of the pages inside:

Next meeting is April 10th and we will be making Sarah Lawrence’s ‘Wild Women’. Hopefully more books will be finished to show.

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